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Planning a wedding or just like looking at pretty things? Bridal Gush is here to help!

At Bridal Gush I want to inspire you to plan the wedding of your dreams and provide you with the tools and advice to make planning stress free.  Here you can find practical wedding planning advice, gush-worthy wedding inspiration, and great vendors that are passionate about their craft.

I believe once you are a bride the experience of your wedding sticks with you no matter if you are married 2 weeks or 40 years. I love to share couple’s wedding and marriage stories to provide a space for you to gush over all those wedding details and the love you share.


About The Author:

Hi, my name is Alex Davis and I LOVE WEDDINGS. Over the past year, my husband and I set out on the journey of planning our own wedding.   When the big day came, everything that we put so much hard work into over the past year came out beautifully. It was truly the happiest day of my life.


But that is just it, it was just a day. The thing I thought and talked about constantly for a whole year was over. I kept finding myself talking about it to anyone who would listen. One day while reminiscing and raving over all of our wedding details, out of the corner of my eye I could see my husband making the “are you done yet” face.

No, I was not done yet. I would never be done talking about my wedding day. Throughout my wedding planning experience I found that any time I mentioned I was getting married, women always gushed about the details of their wedding day. Giving advice, telling funny stories and gushing over all the details.

I realized that once you are a bride, you are always a bride.

So, I decided to create Bridal Gush, a space for past brides to pour over their wedding; to share the good times they had, the stuff they learned, and provide advice to future brides.

As the blog author and past bride, I will be keeping it real about the wedding planning experience, sharing my tips and tools for planning, showcasing local vendors, and providing wedding inspiration.

I’m by no means a professional wedding planner, photographer, or writer. All of the above are part of this new hobby after planning my own wedding.

I hope you enjoy my blog and If you have any topics or wedding planning questions you want us to talk about leave us a note on our contact page.