Ask An Expert: 8 Things You Need To Know About Wedding Stationery


In the age of sending virtually everything electronically from letters to money, the paper product that has still held firm is wedding stationery. The wedding invitation is probably the most formal party invite you will ever send and is so important in giving your guests a sneak peak of the type of wedding you will have. Wedding stationery does not end there either. You have to also think about save the dates, programs, escort cards, seating charts and thank you cards. Just as many people may be confused on how to write a check, I know many of you may have questions when it comes to getting wedding stationery. So this week on Bridal Gush we have teamed up with Kenzie, the owner of Ivory House Creative, to give her expert advice on all things wedding stationery.


Before we get into it lets get to know our expert a little better. Kenzie has been designing since she was a young child and fell in love with wedding stationery after her planning her own wedding. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Louisville and an MBA from Wright State University. She specializes in stylish custom stationery for all of life’s big events. Her work has been featured on many wedding blogs including here on Bridal Gush. She loves coffee, her adorable dog, and riding horses.

Now that we know a little bit about our expert, let us get into the advice!

1. When Should Bride’s Start Looking For Invitations?

A couple should start looking for Save the Dates between 12 and 9 months prior to their wedding. If they decide to send save the dates they should be mailed out no later than 6 months ahead of time – preferably closer to the 9-month mark.

As soon as the save the dates are sent they can start prepping for invitations. Especially if they are going with a custom design, the more time the better. A typical custom design can take between two to three months to complete, sometimes longer. A semi-custom design takes about 4-6 weeks and is a great option for those with a quicker a turnaround time.


2. What Items Are Best To Bring To You For Brides To Illustrate What They Want Their Stationery To Look Like?

I generally feel super inspired by florals or just general look and feel photos. I don’t mind using stationery as inspiration, but I would prefer to keep it to a minimum. I want to make sure I create an original design so inspiration other than stationery would be fantastic!

3. What Is The Benefit Of Getting Custom Stationery vs. Something Online?

ALL THE THINGS! Haha but really! Custom stationery or even semi-custom stationery designed by a stationer versus purchasing online is like comparing apples to oranges. Working with a stationer allows you to create exactly what you want. From design to wording, you are able to have creative freedom. With online stationery, you lose the personal touch that a stationer offers and besides any other couple could have your design! Custom stationery can be perfectly tailored to represent you as a couple while incorporating the overall look and feel of your big day! Plus, if you work with me you get a proof!


4. How Many Extra Invitations Should Couple’s Order?

If they have a good handle on their guest list then 10 extra invitation suites should be plenty. It is quite common to forget someone or damage some during stuffing/stamping. And unfortunately, sometimes they even get lost in the mail.

5. How Do You Feel About Wedding Programs, Absolutely Necessary Or Nice To Have?

I think wedding programs are pretty much essential for a church ceremony. They give guests an easy way to follow along with all of the traditional ceremony details – especially for those that tend to be lengthy. For a more casual setting, I don’t think programs are a “must have”. But they are a nice touch and can offer some light reading/entertainment for guests while they’re waiting for the Bride to walk down that aisle. Other alternatives to programs might be a large sign. Or to get more use out of them, try combining them with something functional like a program fan for an outdoor setting.

IMG_62356. What Is Your Favorite Stationery Trend For This Year That You Are Looking Forward To Seeing More Of?

White ink envelopes are always a favorite, with acrylics being a close second!

7. What Is One Mistake Couples Make When Picking Out Stationery?

I wouldn’t say there are any mistakes in particular. But, some couples just don’t do enough research about what they are looking for. There is such a disparity between what couples see on Pinterest vs. what they can actually afford, and sometimes they end up disappointed. It is my job to work with them to combat this issue and create something that is uniquely them within their price point.


8. Which Do You Like Better Seating Charts Or Escort Cards?

I think it depends on how you are using them. For example, a seating chart is great to tell guests where to sit, but a place card can tell them where to sit and what their eating for dinner. It also depends on budget. Depending on the final guest count, place cards can get pricey, making a seating chart the most economical option.

If you love Kenzie’s work make sure to head over to her website to get more information on how to have her beautiful stationary be a part of all of your big life events.

Like the advice shared here?  Leave us a comment to let us know and make sure you use Facebook and Pinterest buttons below to share and save. Looking for more advice on wedding stationery? Check out our Fundamental Guide to Picking Wedding Invitations for more information on where to start when looking for wedding invitations.



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