Say Cheese With These 65 Free Printable Photo Booth Props

It seems that no wedding is complete these days without a photo booth.  Wheather it is wacky pictures with the bride and groom or silly photos of your grandparents, photo booths seem to have a way of drawing out the fun side of everyone.

Now we all know, no photo booth is complete without the silly props. Wheather that is big glasses or funny mustaches, the props make the photo booth. So today I have brought you 65 FREE  printable photo booth props for you to download. We have props to fit any silly mood, from flower Snap Chat crowns to pumpkin pie for your fall wedding.


Click the links below to download each category.


Silly Words Photo Booth Props


Fall Wedding Photo Booth Props

Free-Wedding-Photo-Booth-Props_WinterWinter Wedding Photo Booth PropsFree-Wedding-Photo-Booth-Props_spring

Spring Wedding Booth PropsFree-Wedding-Photo-Booth-Props_summer

Summer Wedding Photo Booth PropsFree-Wedding-Photo-Booth-Props_emojis

Emoji Photo Booth Props


Animal Photo Booth Props


Masquerade Photo Booth Props


Snap Chat Photo Booth Props


Nautical Photo Booth Props


Retro Photo Booth Props

Love them all, no worries, me too!  You can download all 65 at the link below.

65 Free Printable Wedding Photo Booth Props


Now your friends and family will be decked out with all the silly props and be ready to have a great time in the photo booth. Love these photo booth props? Use our Pinterest button below to pin and share with friends.




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