Hidden Gem: Bellissima Veils & Headpieces

Bellissima Veils & Headpieces

8880 Cincinnati Dayton Rd
West ChesterOH 45069
(513) 919-1967 • Bellissima@cinci.rr.com


Nestled in the city of West Chester, Ohio there lies a small bridal accessories shop filled with sparkle and glitz called Bellissima.

Bellissima specializes in custom designed bridal accessories from hair combs, belts, earrings, tiaras, to bird cages, cathedral length veils and everything in between.  They can also do heirloom repurposing, taking older pieces from a mother or grandmother’s dress and incorporating them into veils or other accessories. Each piece is stylized to match the bride’s style and dress.


The owner and designer, Amy, has been in the wedding industry for 27 years.  With her degree in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati, Amy started off making wedding dresses and moved into accessories. Talking with her, I can see that she has a true passion for helping brides to look their best by making beautiful pieces that compliment the dress and show off the bride’s personality.

What is Your  Process?

All visits to the shop are by appointment. This allows me to be one-on-one with brides to understand what they are looking for. Beforehand, I like to see pictures of your dress, what you like, and what your wedding venue is. The best time to look for accessories is after you pick up your dress from the bridal shop, but before you send it in for alterations. This way you can bring the dress with you and see how things look matched with your dress.

What is Your Turn Around Time?

Ideally, I like to have to have 6 to 8 weeks, but can get items done sooner if needed.

What is Your Advantage?

Accessories are hard to pick out over a computer screen. It is nice to come in and see how the pieces look with your dress, skin tone, hair color, and texture. I can customize items like veils and bird cages to give you the right length or molding to your face.  I can use the details on your dress to make a matching headpiece. I take the time to work with people to truly understand what they want and what will work best for them. My pieces are made by hand using high-quality materials and come to you pressed and ready for the big day. I have been in the wedding industry a long time and can provide my insight to make your accessories beautiful.


I try to keep things pretty moderately priced. Each piece is custom so pricing can vary.

How Can Brides Contact You?

Brides can contact me to make an appointment by:

Phone: (513) 919-1967

Email: Bellissima@cinci.rr.com




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