Happy Registering: Top 5 Wedding Registry Must Haves


With this time of year comes festive clothes, hot cocoa and of course GIFTS!  Now it is the season for holiday gift giving and receiving, but it is also a good time to think about wedding gifts.

Over the holidays you and your soon to be hubby will be spending time together with family and possibly hosting holiday dinner. This is a great time to understand what you need for your home. Wedding registries are to help you start your home together as adults. That means it’s time to throw out those plastic cups from college and replace them with beautiful glasses. So, while you’re trying to cook you holiday bird in the 9″x8″ Pyrex dish your mom gave you your sophomore year of college, make a list of your Wedding Registry Must Haves.


Top 5 Wedding Registry Must Haves

1. A Good Knife Set


Wusthof Classic 7-Piece Knife Set

Good knives make all the difference when you are cooking. Now they will not automatically make your food irresistible, but they will make it easier to prepare.  When we were registering we didn’t even think of knives. We had some cheap-O knives we got from Walmart and we thought they were working great… until we went to a cooking class. I used a German knife and OMG my life was changed! They glided so effortlessly through things like onions and potatoes. I recommend when it comes to knives, invest in the good ones. Register for German or Japanese knife brand like Wusthof or Shun. These brands are usually more expensive, so try going to a store like Crate and Barrel or Williams- Sonoma where you can purchase knives individually instead of in a set. This allows you to customize and get exactly what you need for your cooking style.

2. Place Settings i.e. Dishes


Now that you are about to get married it might be good to have dishes that match and more than just one set. When we went shopping for dishes all the ladies in the store kept asking us: “How many place settings do you need?” Place setting?? I am pretty sure we just asked where are the plates. But it is good to think in place settings-Dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and silverware for each individual person. This helps you to think of them as one cohesive set making you more likely to pick sets with matching styles. If you pick modern plates then probably should have modern silverware and bowls to match.  Most dishes like bowls and plates come in box sets at places like Macy’s. If you like more variety, find dish sets that come in individual pieces, so you can mix and match within the place setting. Then once you find the combination you like, get several of those settings. Most sets come in groups of 4, 8, or 12 place settings. If you are big on entertaining go with 12 place settings or even look for sets of 16. Then find a silverware sets that match the style of the plates in the same number of place settings.

3. Mixer


I think since wedding registries were invented, KitchenAid  Stand Mixers have been included on them. Many people say these are the quintessential kitchen tool. Watching videos of people on the KitchenAid website making things like zucchini pasta  and everything else under the sun, will make you think that it can do anything. But really… Ain’t nobody got time for all that! Well why are they amazing…one, they last forever and two, they they make baking cupcakes for your kids pre-school class so quick and easy. No more stirring by hand, just pull out your KitchenAid Stand Mixer and get it done. They also do have options for different attachments, like an ice cream maker bowl or the pasta maker that are pretty cool if you are really chefing it up. They are pretty expensive but  now is they offer a Mini Stand Mixer that is more affordable and take up less counter space.

4. Blender

Blenders these days are not only for making Margaritas any more. These new blenders are so fancy that you can make soup in them… Yes I said SOUP! A good blender is a must have for smoothly making and of course a big batch of margaritas. The Vitamix and Ninja are two blenders that are really worth the money. These throughly mix and blend big pieces of fruit and ice to make the perfect smoothies. The Ninja comes with convenient to-go cups that you can make  your smoothy right in then take on the road with you. It is less expensive than the Vitamix. If you are a true smoothy junkie, a Vitamix is a good investment. They have super strong motors and last forever…literally, my grandpa has one that is older than me.

5. Furniture 


When you are getting married you probably need to get rid of your husbands old frat house couch and find new furniture that speaks to both of you. I know you are probably like: “what?, who is really going to buy me furniture??” Well somebody might buy you the $2,000 couch that is on your registry, but probably not. You don’t register for furniture for people to actually buy it for you. You put it on there for the discounts after the wedding. Most stores offer you come type of discount on items left on your registry after you wedding. We found at places like Macy’s, these discounts can be combined on top of store promotions..SCORE!! So while you are having fun with your laser scanner picking out cookware in the department store, step on over to the furniture section and see if there are any pieces that call to the two of you.




While you are gift shopping this year for your relatives, don’t forget to look for gifts to add to your registry for yourself. If you think there are other wedding registry must haves, leave it in the comments below!


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